Located in the left-side menu, the Background pop-up allows you to specify and set various design elements to the background of your campaign.

Here you can change the background color of your campaign, along with the canvas background, using the color picker or specifying a HEX color code.

In addition to specifying a background color (which is completely optional), you may choose to upload an image instead. Multiple options are available for this as well. Such as changing the image position and/or it’s repetition.

Canvas background. What is this?

This is the area BEHIND your actual campaign. Most of the time this won’t be very visible. However, if you’re in landscape mode on a tablet or running your campaign through a browser on your computer, this area will be clearly visible (as your campaign will be centered on the screen). The default color is grey, however it’s recommended to set a color that best suits your campaign’s design.


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