Found on the campaign iPad template, clicking the “camera icon” seen below launches a pop-up box to specify the main image for your campaign, or as we like to call it – the billboard image.


For optimal visual performance, we specify the recommended image size to use for your billboard image. The image uploader will render any image size correctly, however results may vary. The minimum width for the billboard image (though not required) is 748px wide. The height may be modified in the first text input, labelled “Height”, for additional customization.

For Retina iPad users, it’s highly encouraged to use a “retina-ready” image. To make a long story short, on Retina displays for an image to remain in perfect resolution (i.e. a nice clear & unblurred image), the pixels for the image need to be double the allotted space for the said image.

So in this example if the billboard image required is 748px wide X 475px high, to make the image “retina-ready” you’d need to double the pixels of your image – so 1496px wide X 950px high.


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