Note, this is an early beta feature. As such, the process to add a nested form may be difficult and contain bugs. This feature is only available on the “Opt-in/Sign-up Form” campaign type.

A nested form is simply a drop down menu to the naked eye. Only difference is, you can assign active form fields which will only be shown if a particular drop down menu option is selected.

For example, say you wanted to show a specific set of form fields to consumers over the age of 18. You would create a custom nested form field (i.e. a drop down menu) that asks the consumer, “Are you over the age of 18?”, with “Yes” and “No” options. If the consumer selects “Yes”, the set of form fields you specified will appear for the consumer to enter. Make sense?

Let’s walk through creating the example highlighted above.

Open the ‘Form Fields’ menu option in the left side bar. Once open, you’ll see a list of predefined form fields. For the sake of this example, we’ll work with the fields presented to us here (i.e. we won’t create any custom fields).

First, we’re going to want to select all the form field options that we’ll be using for our campaign. This includes fields you want to hide in a nested form. So let’s select and check off the following fields: “First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Street Address, City, and Zip/Postal”.


Click the ‘Save’ button which will close the form fields pop-up. This will assign these form field options to our campaign.

We now see the main design view with our new form fields added to our campaign. But let’s say we only want the “Street Address, Phone Number, City, and Zip/Postal” shown if the consumer is over the age of 18.

Open up the Form Fields pop-up again by clicking the the left side bar menu option. You’ll see the form fields we checked off are still checked. We’ll leave those alone. Instead, click the “add custom field” button at the bottom on the list, as pictured below:


A new section will appear. This is where you can add custom form fields to your campaign. In the drop down box, select “Nested Form”. A new set of options will appear.


You’ll first be presented with a single text field labelled, Field Name. This is where we’ll define our question, “Are you over the age of 18?”. So enter that in there now.


Next, we need to add drop down options. Look for “Option Name”. There will be two options for you to specify. In the first one enter, “Yes”, and in the second enter, “No”.

Now you likely notice a drop down below each “Option Name”. This is where you can select active form fields that you want displayed to the consumer when they select this option.

For the “Yes” option, select the following form fields from the drop down list: Address, Phone Number, City, and Zip/Postal.

For the “No” option, let’s only add “City”.


Once complete, click the “Add” button. This will bring you back the the main list of predefined form fields, but with a nested form item added. Click “Save” to close the pop-up.

Step 4:
You’ll notice the form fields that we’re added to the nested form options are no longer visible on your campaign – at first glance anyways. You will notice however a new drop down field called, “Are you over the age of 18?”. When the consumer selects an option from this drop down the form fields you selected will appear below it.


That’s it. Access Live Preview to see it in action.


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