Specifying the data you’d like to collect on your form is simple as a few clicks of the button.

Check or uncheck all the fields you wish to collect on your campaign. An orange checkmark indicates that field is selected.

If you want the selected field to be mandatory or required from the user, simply check the “Required” checkbox on the right side of the form field entry.


If your looking to extract user info and demographics from your customers, select Age Range and/or Gender from the predefined form field list and we’ll display demographic specific analytics on the dashboard for these areas.


If the redefined form fields are not suitable to the type of campaign you’d like to run, we provide an option to create your own custom form field by clicking the “Add Custom Field” button at the bottom of the predefined list.

Here you will have the option of creating a custom text field, multiple choice selector, text area (or textbox to some), along with radio and checkbox options.


Note, at this time you cannot add custom fields after a campaign has launched.

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