Access your campaign via our secure and private Mission Control Center at

Note, campaigns cannot be made accessible to the public and can only be accessed by a campaign administrator or assigned staff member.

Launching Your Campaign

To start, sign-in with your account information. This can be either your admin login (same one you used to access and create your campaign) or a staff member login, if applicable.


After you’ve successfully logged in to the Mission Control portal, only ACTIVE campaigns will be listed. Simply select the campaign you wish to sign-in to and it will be activated.

Once launched, all hours, goals, and entries will be tracked & recorded. To logout of your campaign, do so via the Campaign Dashboard.


Campaign Dashboard

The Campaign Dashboard is an integral part of Mission Control. This area provides you with real-time statistics for your campaign, including the number of entries collected for the day, total hours worked for the day, individual & campaign goals, and most importantly, the option to sign-out of the campaign – which stops tracking hours and brings you back to the campaign select page (ex. image above).

To open the Campaign Dashboard, simply touch (or click) the dashboard menu button in the upper right-hand side of the campaign page. As shown in the image below:


To close the Campaign Dashboard, touch (or click) anywhere outside the Campaign Dashboard panel. This will automatically close the Dashboard and return you to your campaign’s normal view.

Please note, the Campaign Dashboard can only be accessed from the campaign page. To successfully track hours, users MUST sign-out from the campaign via the logout button found on the Campaign Dashboard.


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