Note, this article only applies to the Spin 2 Win and Scratch 2 Win campaign types.


With our Scratch 2 Win campaign type, the prize output is completely in your hands. Enter as many prize outcomes as you see fit.

For each prize entered, you’ll be able to specify the prize name (which will be shown to the user), the odds of the prize being won (percentage %), and the quantity of the prize you have to giveaway.

For example, say you have 50 mugs you want to giveaway. But you only want 25% of the scratches to be a winner. You would enter “Mug” in the Prize Name field, “25” in the Win % field, “50” in the QTY field, and then click “Add”.


Based on the above example, 25% of the scratches will win a mug. The other 75% will be shown a “Sorry, try again” result outcome. Our platform handles the math and precise calculations for each consumer entry so you can focus on user engagement! So there’s no need to enter any losing outcomes or prizes.

Note, the QTY field is completely optional. If you leave this field blank, the prize can be won any number of times. This is especially useful for items that you may have an infinity of, such as promo codes and free trials.

If the quantity on a prize reaches zero, that item will be removed from our prize outcome calculations. If you’ve specified quantities on ALL of your prizes and they all reach zero, a notice will appear on your campaign notifying you that you’ve run out of prizes. You can edit your campaign via the wizard to add more prizes if needed.


Setting up prizes for our Spin 2 Win campaign type is fairly straight forward. Just enter the name of the prize – can be anything – winning or losing. Our platform’s spin wheel will stop at a random slice when the consumer initiates the spin. Whatever prize outcome they land on we’ll present to the user and store the outcome in a database for you to extract later.


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