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For the most optimal performance, we highly encourage iPad users to install our HTML5 web app on their device. This creates an app that runs and acts the same way a naive app does downloaded directly from the App Store. Only difference is, an internet or data connection is required to run it.

Not familiar with web apps? Here’s a great overview:

iPad web applications – or web apps – allows you to use your iPad or web device in a flexible way by bypassing the App Store altogether. iPad web apps are designed to look and feel just like the apps you download from Apple. What draws people to use web apps is that not only can you use them on your iPad, but also on any device that uses a web browser.

To set-up the web app, simply visit on your iPad’s browser (Safari only). The first thing you’ll notice is a message that will appear prompting you to install the web app. Follow the instructions from the image below:


This will create an icon on your iPad that will look and function like a regular native iPad app. As shown below:


You’re all set! Simply click the newly created icon, enter in your login credentials, and start engaging!

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